“The Kilted American”

By: Zachary Burns

March 12, 2021

Who doesn’t like listening to a podcasts? I know I sure do, and my taste is quite eclectic from travel podcasts to marketing and sales to legal podcasts. If you are reading this and your eyebrow raised by the fact that I listen legal podcasts I know it is different because I am not a lawyer, but I sure do love understanding the legal side of things.

However, that is not the purpose of this post. I am excited to share with you that I am starting my own podcast named “The Kilted American.” You may ask the question, “What is your podcast about?” The podcast will be about all things Scotland and travel. I am a proud Scotch-American and I wanted share my passion of travel in Scotland with others.

I realised that before I started my podcast I had to do some research to see if there were other podcasts on Scotland. To be honest, I am quite daft for thinking there wasn’t. Most of the podcasts I found and listened to were on the history of Scotland done by the BBC or by others focusing on the same subject such as culture and heritage (They are truly one in the same, however, that is another conversation for another time).

Each podcast is different due to the person who is hosting the podcast. However, I felt like there was something missing and that is the essence of Scotland. Whether people are from the highlands, lowlands, or not even from Scotland it is the people that make up that beautiful country. There is a pride that people talk about that I believe can be compared to American pride. It is a pride for their country, culture, and history.

With that being said my podcast I believe is coming with the Scotch-American flare and it will cover many subjects from everyday life in Scotland during the pandemic/re-opening, Scotch, history and culture, and more. In the mean time if you want to be part of the conversation regarding my podcast I do have a Club Room on the iOS App Clubhouse called The Kilted American and you may follow me there. It is a precursor to the podcast and there you will learn about the different topics that will be on the podcast ahead of time.

I cannot wait to release my podcast with you and the rest of the world. I have already had some pretty amazing interviews and they are continuing. While the podcast has not been released, I can assure you that it is coming out in June. I will be announcing the official release date next month.

If you have ever been to Scotland or even live there, and you want to be a part of the “The Kilted American” podcast please feel free to reach out to me. You can reach out me via email at info@royalbtravel.com or fill out the contact form on my home page.

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